About Jenny Lynn

jenny 070xWhere to start with an empty page and say something I haven’t already said a hundred times before about myself, Jenny Lynn. So here goes.

I’m an emotional explorer, a sensuality seeker, and a risk taker who loves breaking through my own limitations to embrace the fear and the excitement that comes with these adventures – which is now taking me to Australia! But if I could have all that without making any effort, that would be ideal!

Like all people, I can tell myself all sorts of convincing stories about why I haven’t done something, or how little time I have, or how much responsibility I have, or how little money there is, and how expensive things are. And wouldn’t it be lovely if the world could just recognise me and my skills and talents without me having to do all that grubby work in promoting myself and blowing my own trumpet!

Well, I’ve decided to let go of the fear of being arrogant. It is just a fear. The story itself, my story, is far more precious than anything it might be labelled as. And the story is basically one of transformation from my earliest metamorphosis through schizophrenia and back into this world, through many portals and gateways of spiritual (yes. I think I can use that word comfortably now) transformation since, that one day, I’ll share in full as I finish writing my personal story.

And I tell it, not just because I like the sound of my own voice, but because I know that so many people in this time of spiritual awakening are looking for leaders and mentors to help inspire them to throw off their limitations and grow into all that they can be too.

So from Schizophrenic to Transpersonal Therapist, Intuitive Coach, and Personal Development Mentor, Author and Speaker is quite a journey.┬áIn between I was a teacher in schools, colleges and university. And now I host my own workshops which I call ‘Clear the Fear’ pulling together a pastiche of activities, insights and experiences from my own personal journey to provide a sacred space for you to experience your most profound transformation yet….if you are ready to take the plunge.

The most beautiful of hearts, Maya Angelou said it so perfectly in this quote:

maya angelou - how people make you feel.

And this is the impact of working with the clear the fear workshops by the Open Mind Therapist. You will never forget the journey that you go through on these workshops. The intimacy, the beauty of sharing in this day of human stories, of love, of heartbreak, of fear, of passion, all of those things that make us truly human. And at the end of the day, the celebration, the release, the community that we create in such a short space of time by allowing ourselves to be seen, held and supported by each other. I am so privileged to be doing this work.

With sincere affection