Are your emotions an annoying inconvenience?

Fear and Anger – You are only human!

Starting out in practice as a therapist I learned very quickly, in embracing my own humanity and by accepting my own flaws and imperfection, that I could learn to hold the space profoundly for my clients to realise they were only human too.  Just like me. That our flaws weren’t something to be ashamed of. They just are. And that’s fine.

As my practice unfolded, I realised the power of just being. Witnessing. And I saw how this dispelled no end of ‘stuff’ that clients had taken as their truth. If they could feel accepted for everything they were by another, then they couldn’t be all that bad! The irony is, that many people believed that I was perfect. That I must have some extra amazing insight or power that no one else had.

Do you know how to ‘be’?
The truth is, all I’d done very early on in my practice as a therapist, was to realise that I was only human and that trying to be perfect was a fools game. I’d taken the pressure off me to ‘perform’ and instead learned how to ‘be’ with my clients. This underlying peace communicated energetically on levels that were and are beyond words.

Are your emotions an annoying inconvenience?
However, getting there was a journey of letting go of fear and anger, of realising a deeper reality, of shifting out of my head and into my heart where, instead of analyzing and thinking, I could feel and intuit. Trusting my body and what it was telling me became my habit. Our emotions are felt in the body for a reason. They’re not just inconvenient annoyances that we have to control.

Are you unaware of your fear or anger?
Most people are dominated by fear and anger. Yes. Even the gentle ones who appear even tempered and kind. We are so externally referenced in our society, so outwardly focussed, that most of us have learned to tame and harness our emotions, that seem to threaten our stability, so that they do not overwhelm us. Very few actually use their fear or anger as fuel for growth or as intuitive signals about the environment around us. Instead most place trust in words, in appearances and in things that can be measured. And in a cohesive society these are all very important things. However, they dominate in ways that are beyond our awareness.

The effects of stored up fear or anger
Are you experiencing for example, heart palpitations, gut problems, skin problems, sleeplessness, food issues – to name just a few physical disturbances – and listlessness, low mood, doubt about your work, unhappiness in a relationship, frustration with friends or colleagues, rage with family members, loss, or anxiety on the mental and emotional side of life? ALL of these issues can be routed back into clever ways we have learned to bottle up our emotions and impose an order on ourselves from outside so that we do not experience the pain of rejection.

Why fear or anger?
These are our survival instincts. It is our fight flight. Without them we would not be here. And whatsmore, they will always be with us TRYING at the very least to give some important signals to us about our environment. However, society has become so sophisticated that they are no longer honoured in the way that is most human and natural for us to honour them. So many years of enculturation have passed, so much warfare, so much has been stored in the human heart and soul. Survival has become a very complicated process of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual facets with ever more emphasis on the physical at the expense of the subtle levels of the emotional and spiritual.

Clearing the fear
This is why it’s so important now to clear the fear that is for certain, unconsciously directing your life. Will you clear it once and never do it again? No! Of course not! This is not surgery! But, if in attending my clear the fear workshop, you manage to address one of your greatest fears, I can assure you, you can develop the habit of using all of your fears – and frustrations – your messages from the body – to awaken and enliven your life. And if you work in the personal development industry, you can not only demonstrate in your walk, how others can walk their talk too, but also gain some amazing skills by joining us!

My Clear the Fear workshop is a beautiful collaboration between you and me, an opportunity for me to help you, in the safety of a small group of other like minded souls, tease out your blocks and fears, embody them, negotiate with them, and then gain a more deeply confident and peaceful perspective. Confronting your unconscious fears and giving yourself a chance will set in motion all manner of support to enable you to continue to grow and explore your deeper layers of self.  The workshops are created uniquely by your amazing stories, the inspired chemistry in the room, and me your Director as I seek for the diamond inside, underneath all the layers of compacted fear you thought you needed to stay safe.
I’m in Sri Lanka in February 2015

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I can bring this Clear the Fear workshop to you. Email me and let’s have a chat and see what we can set up.
Jenny x
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