Clear the Fear Workshop

Our final opportunity for 2014 to address unconscious fearful programming in the Clear The Fear workshop takes place on 14th December. It incorporates powerful ways of creating a shift in your personal development fast. Insightful, transformational, revealing, inspiring. It enables you to ride the emotion in the moment, release it and transform it and use the experience to transform your life and work.

Did you know fears hidden from your conscious mind are stopping you developing and are holding you prisoner? You may be happy with your own back yard or you may have a desire to expand and move beyond your fears. If so take courage and join us to reveal to yourself what is stopping you moving forward in your life?

Clearing your Fear not only places you as leaders in personal growth and development. but enhances your own life and those around you. To guarantee your place, you need to subscribe now! I have only 15 places in total.

This is excellent work for anyone who needs a kick start in their personal development but is especially useful for those in the personal development industry : therapists, coaches, psychiatrists, consultants, teachers, trainers who are leading by example. Doing your own personal work will make you more insightful and more clear with your client groups.

What’s involved in the course?
The day’s activities involve a fluid journey through some of the following types of activities:

Breath work
5 rhythmns dance movement
Family Constellation

I hold the environment safe for you to feel free to explore and release whatever has been blocking your life.. There is no play acting, or role play.

The benefits

* Increased ability to relate effectively with others
* Feeling profoundly connected
* Feeling the freedom to be yourself.
* Increased confidence
* More courage
* Bring passion to your work and commitments
* Feel confident working with others blocks and impasses
* Modelling energetic transformation for your clients
* Inspiring approaches you can adopt for your clientele

I have witnessed people move into whole new levels of relating as a result of one or two workshop days: unhealthy relationships have fallen away, family dynamics have improved, therapists have stepped up and can deliver a more insightful authentic feel to their work, and many simply report more acceptance and more peace with who they are.

Your breakthrough into a clearer less fearful way of living your life raises your consciousness and personal awareness and can profoundly release blocks you thought were with you for life.

The workshop is £95 for the day. The venue is the beautiful Rowena Davey Centre in Great Dunmow. Bring lunch to share. When you invest in yourself you automatically send a message to the universe that you mean business. Take charge of your life and join us.

These days take place on Sundays. Parking is free.

Public Transport: to Stansted and then the 133 to Dunmow. Or to Chelmsford and then the 133 to Dunmow.

For more information and to buy your place go to

Discover what others experiences were to of the last day on the same page.

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I returned from Australia in September where I lead 2 workshops. In order to get there, which was my first international sharing of my work, I had to address my own fears.My next international sharing is in Sri Lanka in February 2015. This time I’m aiming to run a residential out there so that we can immerse ourselves in transformation over 3 days. Keep in touch with me and join us.