How your fear lays down physical disease in the body

Imagine. You’re hyper vigilant. You’re watchful. Years of preparing for metaphorical and sometimes literal fight flight has made you anxious. Your greatest unconscious fear is that you become excluded from the collective and, as social beings, our interconnectedness and interdependence is vitally important to us. Yet you fear connection. Too much pain of loss or disappointment has gone before. You also fear disconnection. You live a lot of your life in no man’s land, terrified to make a single move in case it’s the wrong one.  The fear is paralysing.  And that can be quite literally. Let me explain.

Wrong thinking and wrong living manifest in physical disease

As you tense up energetically you constrict the major organs of the body. You breathe shallowly. You brace yourself physically against imagined attack. Your skeletal posture becomes rounded as you protect yourself. Your stomach and colon tenses up. Your shoulders sink. You walk fast. Your body is less efficient as it struggles with doing things that need you to be relaxed, like eating and digesting. Perhaps as a secondary effect you’re eating too much as you experience belief systems that create isolation and fear. You comfort yourself with food. As you gain weight you lay down all the problems associated with obesity.  And these deeply unconscious beliefs run through us like a stick of rock. We can change the surface level of our life, our physical environment, our appearance, but to really profoundly alter the course of our life, we need to dig far deeper. Physical disease or discomfort is often an accumulation of many years of wrong beliefs and wrong living.

The oneness of body and mind

The diseases we can manifest can be so many and varied, but the one sure thing about the law of cause and effect is that it is very strict. However you see the world, is how the world sees you.  If you believe strongly enough in anything, you can manifest it. If  you believe strongly enough in your lack of self worth, you can manifest an illness that directly taps into that belief, isolating you from others, and creating the very thing you fear the most. Conversely, let go of old beliefs and reveal an even deeper awareness of your body’s natural equilibrium and rejuvenative capacity and you can become well. This has been evidenced to me so many times over my 13 years of working as a therapist and not only in my clients. I too have created healing in my own body by acknowledging where I’ve been storing my fear and angst.

Are you prepared to unpack the body’s messages and clear the fear?

Open-arms-bigger.jpgIt is only with this knowledge, even if only theoretical at first, that we can start the long walk back to health and wellbeing. Unpacking everything the body has stored for you on your behalf may be emotionally painful. And the fear of pain will stop you doing it. But the cost may well be your physical health.One of the biggest steps you can take to awaken your deeper self and confront some of your long held unconscious beliefs, is to book into my Clear the Fear Workshop.  I cannot guarantee you will instantaneously get well from whatever physical disease ails you. However, I can guarantee you will start to clear out layers of compacted fear that your body has been storing for you over many years and create the potential to release your body from its prison.
My Clear the Fear workshop is a beautiful collaboration between you and me, an opportunity for me to help you, in the safety of a small group of other like minded souls, tease out your blocks and fears, embody them, negotiate with them, and then gain a more deeply confident and peaceful perspective.Confronting your unconscious fears and giving yourself a chance will set in motion all manner of support to enable you to continue to grow and explore your deeper layers of self.AND you can always come to any of the future workshops to continue your development, as every single one is created uniquely by your amazing stories, the inspired chemistry in the room, and me your Director as I seek for the diamond inside, underneath all the layers of compacted fear you thought you needed to stay safe.
“Thank you for sharing with us your work today, inspiring indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it all.In short a truly powerful experience which I will remember with great respect and the desire to want to learn more. I hope we get to meet again.” Nat Clegg, Coach and Therapist

“This, my third experience, has been rewarding and fulfilling. Jenny has an amazing way of engaging with us to make us feel completely at ease with one another. Her workshops always make me feel empowered and rejuvenated being able to relate to other’s dramas. Jenny thanking you for inspiring me and helping me to rewrite my script.” Laura Bassingthwaite, Drama Teacher

Take a chance and make the leap. I’ll be there waiting to catch you.

I’m in Sydney and Melbourne in September 

For just two events in September in Sydney (20th and 21st September) and Melbourne 28th September), I am travelling from the UK to deliver these powerful, life changing workshops. If you want to be part of it, you need to raise your hand early. I’ll also be speaking on the 13th September at the Australian Hypnotherapy Association’s 65th Annual Conference and at the Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Meeting in Melbourne on 23rd September.  I am excited and fearful too about travelling so far and delivering my life’s work! Catch up with how I deal with my own fears on this blog. 

And make sure you book on! Hop over to my Australian Personal Development Workshops page and book on today.

I can bring this Clear the Fear workshop to you. Email me and let’s have a chat and see what we can set up.
Jenny x

DSC_1762Jenny is a Transpersonal Therapist, Trainer, Author, Supervisor and Mentor embracing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health and wellbeing. She works with therapists helping them grow and embody the changes they wish to see in their clients, clearing their fear, and walking their talk so that they too can become leaders of authenticity.  As a result of their experience with Open Mind, many students of Jenny’s Open Mind Training have developed highly authentic and successful careers in the disciplines of counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. To discover how you too can benefit, take a look round the resources on