How mixing with high energy people clears your fears

On an energetic level, the frequency of fear is very low vibrational. To it it attracts other low vibrational energies such as resentment, hostility, complaint, intolerance, victimhood, among others. If you want to release the vibrational energy you are most familiar with to invigorate your life, you need to have a mechanism or a strategy to lift you into higher energies, away from fear and anxiety and into faith and trust.

The Paradox: The law of interconnectedness can free us

being authenticI was in a Buddhist meeting recently and the topic for discussion was ‘interconnectedness’. Our interconnectedness means that, whether we know it or not, we are all having an effect on each other. There’s an expression in Spanish – “Dime con quien andas y te digo quien eres” which translates rather coarsely in English as “Tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you are” or even, “Birds of a feather flock together”. There is no question, that we acclimatise and become most like the people we mix with. If you’re trying to raise your vibrational energy to be more centred, more calm, and more insightful a great way to enhance that is to hang out with people whose energy is higher than yours. In this environment, you will challenge yourself to face your fears, question the assumptions you always thought were true for you, and you can allow a breath of fresh air to energise your life.

Are you brave enough to allow connection?

What the meeting made me realise is that what I’ve been doing for soooo many years with all my work with therapists in training and mentorship is effectively teaching how to allow connection – and as Brene Brown says in her iconic ted talk – the healing part is the connectedness, not the technique. To allow connection you have to not be afraid of it. Nor must you fear its responsibility.

Connection is not connection where there is fear

On the other hand, however, if you stay doing the same old things and expect changes in your life, you will be sorely disappointed. And worse, if you choose to hang out in energy sapping negative environments, you will end up negative yourself. That is, unless you are already connected to a source that is greater than you. Some might call it God, Buddhists will call it the Law of Cause and Effect, and others might call it the Higher Self.

Unconscious fears keep you trapped

When our lives are stagnant and are operating under years of compacted fears that we no longer question, we might find ourselves frustrated with our progress wondering what on earth it is one has to DO to create change! Our unconscious fears will block us from realising our dreams and aspirations and cause us to become cynical about life. We will live a half life of disappointment with a sense of pointlessness, not daring to dream too big just in case it all collapses.

Spend a day with me as we create high energy together

If you see yourself in here, and you’re prepared to take some action to energise your life, one of the most challenging and immediate ways of doing this is to join my Clear the Fear workshop.

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