Rebecca Pillsbury

Rebecca Pillsbury shares her personal journey of transformation through dancing the blues.

I would like to invite you to listen in to a conversation I had with a rather unique woman who is exploring the therapeutic benefit of blues dancing.

Rebecca Pillsbury is intimately acquainted with this mirroring of the soul on the dancefloor. She has come to blues dancing like most of us, through a circuitous route of other styles of dance. The interesting thing though about Rebecca is that her journey through dance has been the cause of some amazing shifts of personal development.

After the publication of her first autobiographical book called Finding Ecstacy which you can find on is now writing about the therapeutic benefit of dancing the blues! A woman after my own heart!

If you’re a dancer of blues, modern jive, lindy hop, tango, salsa, 5 rhythmns or any style of dance, you might be interested in this interview.

To women that dance: Do you surrender or resist? Do you connect or do you struggle with being seen? Do you trust your dance partners or do you cling to them for dear life? Do you try and anticipate your man’s moves so that you’re not caught unawares?

To men that dance: Do you need to stay in total control of the dance? Are you anxious about being too bossy? Do you feel safer constantly on the move in a dance? Do you dance through the breaks because the alternative is a painful moment of dance connection you’d rather not have? Do you not want to be seen either?

Rebecca Pillsbury explores her own journey of blues dancing as a transformative process in her autobiography, Finding Ecstacy.

The blues scene seems to attract to it people who want more from their dance than just the moves. It’s a journey into interpretation, spontaneity, musicality, and intimacy that in and of itself, can shift the dancer into a new phase of being.

If you have an interest in being more comfortable in your skin as a dancer, or learning to go from set moves to free blues, or shifting out of shame and blame around your sexuality, or just because you’re curious to hear somebody’s story I think you’ll love our discussion. ook is more than just a captivating love story. Healing sources of spiritual guidance accompany the joyful and romantic ride.

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