Clear the Fear Workshops

Clear the Fear workshop

Be free from the fear of intimacy! 

The Clear the Fear workshop is working on the theme of intimacy. The workshop incorporates powerful ways of creating a shift in your way of being fast. It’s Insightful, transformational, revealing and inspiring. It can create a sense of freedom and closeness in your life that you didn’t know was possible.  Are you ready to grow?

In 2016 we will be offering a residential opportunity to really immerse ourselves in the moment, discovering what we have been holding on to and finally letting it go so that we can live our lives in freedom. Sign up on the form to the right and I’ll keep you posted. 

What sorts of fears do you mean?

By fear of intimacy I am not referring to sexual intimacy. I believe it is about the fear of being truly you, the fear that others may not like, or may judge, the person you are if you dared to let them close. It’s the one place, your true self, that most people will, out of fear, protect at any cost. You will condemn yourself to living a cold, isolated and lonely life because you are afraid of being seen, of being known. When you are afraid of being known, and you reject yourself, all you are doing is inviting others sooner or later, to reject you too. The Law of cause and effect, or more popularly, the law of attraction is very strict. How you experience yourself is how others will behave with you.

The negative effects of unconscious fears?

Fear keeps us passive. It keeps us trapped in a ‘this is the way it has to be’ kind of mentality. Your life may be perfectly workable. But your dreams are just figments of your imagination. Because to mobilise your life and make things happen means addressing fears that stop you growing and being truly alive. These fears are the same ones that keep you trapped in the ‘Matrix’ believing that there is only one acceptable way to run your life. Many of my Clear the Fear participants have experienced shifts of perspective because they were fed up with how they were told it was meant to be. And they were ready. And they took action. 

Who can benefit?

Most people carry unconscious fears that are limiting their lives. Anyone who can identify with some of the life limiting fears as detailed above can benefit from clearing the fear. If you are looking for:

  • That illusive relationship
  • That illusive job
  • To improve your relationships with family
  • To build the courage to become self employed
  • To leave a relationship that no longer serves you
  • To get your life together generally

You might find this workshop a life changing opportunity.

In particular leaders in personal growth and development whose time is now to be helping all of us to wake up from the Matrix, will benefit from this workshop. So that’s therapists, coaches, psychiatrists, consultants, teachers, trainers etc.

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Here below is what Laura shared with me when I asked her about her experience on the workshop:


What are the benefits?

In my one day Clear The Fear workshops in the UK and overseas (see drop down tab for other countries), you have an opportunity to address your performance anxieties, your blocks to success, and rework how you show up in the world. Once you’ve shifted, your future is waiting for you.

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Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience:

  • Increased ability to relate effectively with others
  • Feeling profoundly connected
  • Feeling the freedom to be yourself.
  • Increased confidence
  • More courage
  • Bring passion to your work and commitments
  • Feel confident working with others blocks and impasses
  • Modelling energetic transformation for your Personal Development clients
  • Expanded awareness of how to grow your business
  • Inspiring approaches you can adopt for those you work with

Here’s what Kim Walsh, hypnotherapist and counsellor, had to say about her experience on the Clear the Fear Workshop.


What is a Clear the Fear workshop?

GROUP PHOTO APRIL 2014Clear the Fear workshops incorporate a powerful integration of Meditation, Hypnotherapy, 5 Rhythmns movement and dance, Psychodrama, movement meditation, systemic and family constellation, and art. As a result you will find that we work with the whole person, that is, the body, where we store our trapped emotions, and the mind which is the jail keeper to our body.  We may even get an opportunity to shift something that goes back generations in your family with family constellation. Whatever each protagonist needs, we work together to create the conditions for you to take the next step of your journey.

Each day is lead by the content that individuals bring to the group directed by your course director Jenny Lynn. No matter how many times you visit, each day will be a unique odyssey of activities and challenges that evolve as the day unfolds. You have the opportunity to stay present with whatever arises, like a mindfulness meditation, so that you can capture what normally escapes and take the opportunity to re-write your life script. In the moment of catharsis, trapped emotions are released from the body and you can profoundly decide a new way of being.

This being can be more vibrant, more free and more authentic. These are qualities that will enhance every area of your life and work and help you deliver your gifts to the world.

Your deeper true self holds resources you didn’t know you had. Your true self knows your real worth. Let this workshop day be the start of something new and exciting for you. You can shift into the here and now and live your life more authentically clearing the fear and walking your talk, demonstrating how others too can do the same.

Who is it for?

This day is ideal for anyone who is ready and committed to clearing the fear out of their lives and stepping into their power.

In particular:

  • People working in personal development
  • Those about to launch a practice in personal development – therapists, coaches, energy workers etc
  • Those seeking opportunities to keep learning
  • Those with a keen interest in shaping their own lives
  • Entrepreneurs who know they need to get out of their own way
  • Those who are ready to step forward with trepidation and deal with their demons once and for all!

Laura, who is a drama teacher, speaks about how the Clear the Fear workshop has inspired her to change careers and develop her own drama therapy work. She describes the ambience, the impact and the speed at which personal development happens as a result of doing this profound work.

Here’s what one person said

“I anticipated connecting with a part of myself that makes me feel more vulnerable. The experience was freeing, discovering, experiencing. I see I don’t always need a ‘shell’ or ‘armour’ to be of value for others. I found myself getting present to my strength”

Aldine Iqbal 

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Time and place

In 2015 our dayes were hosted on a Sunday. However in 2016 we will be arranging a residential in late July. Details to be advised. Remember to sign up to the newsletter and I’ll keep you posted.  


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What others said

Janet describes in this audio below how the Clear the Fear workshop helped her work more confidently with her clients.

“I came to the day with trust in the process. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hoped to shift blocks that may be holding me back through fear to keep myself safe.  Being in safe hands with a skilled facilitator I relaxed into the group and felt connected with others and safe to take some risks. I had fear! Powerful! Great value for money.”

Sue – Counsellor – March 2015

“I expected to bring up old patterns of behaviour I wanted to shift but that nothing would probably change. I actually got some profound insights and deep understanding that I never realised was there before. I thought I understood my past but actually, I didn’t. I would describe this workshop as life changing but to come without expectation and that deep ingrained behaviours may not be about what you think they are about. This work is priceless!”

Stephen Monk – NHS administrator – March 2015

“Another adventure. They’re much more fun for me each time I come. Curiosity abounds! I got inspried. Vulnerability is my ally not my enemy! I am embracing her and keep following my path.”

Bev adds as a post-script:  “Fear keeps us trapped. Clearing fear seems sensible in the head space but scares the pants of us in the heart space so there’s a conflict. But if we take a step over the clif, we find there’s a path for us to walk across the chasm. It’s always been there for us. We just have to trust it’s there to begin with. Then we can see it”

Beverley Challis – Author of Whiskerly Sisters – March 2015

“I was not sure what to expect but I knew from previous one to one work that it would be challengingin a healthy, supportive and safe environment. I got the opportunity to explore some of the challenges I face with myself and unpack what they were about. The end result is I am becoming more self aware; comfortable with who I am and empowered. I would describe the day as one of self discovery and self development. Not a talk and chalk day. You get stuck in quickly with lots of practical application to embed learning. Value for money!”

Caroline – March 2015 

“I had been wondering how to respond actually as I did not know anything about hypnotherapy and I did not have any fear either. But I came because I wanted to know how it is possible to clear a fear within a day. I did not understand what was going on at the beginning. Then after your first drama I understood something. Once you took me as a case however, I realised that I too had a fear in my inner mind. When you cleared my fear by bringing my potential out I could not believe it! Thank you Jenny for your magical techniques.”
Sri Krishnan – Sri Lanka – February 2015

“Having worked with Jenny before, I had a vague idea of what might be involved, but approached the day with an open mind, secure in the knowledge that Jenny’s insight, expertise and energy would take me and the other participants along the route most appropriate to our immediate needs. Although what came up for me was a long-standing and oft-visited issue, I truly feel there has at long last been a profound shift as a result of the immensely powerful interventions, both my own and those of others in the group. I would certainly consider attending another Clear the Fear workshop to get to grips with what remains to be done! It was lovely to meet you and thank you for putting so much into making the experience so positive. I really do feel different – thank you very much once again.”
Jayne Konno – Hypnotherapist – January 2015

“I was anticipating learning and opening. It was beautiful, opening, enabling, and supportive.”

Jane Iskander – Occupational Therapist – July 2014

“I didn’t anticipate anything even close to what happened today. The most important thing is the extent to which I recognised myself in every person in the room. An amazing experience! The psychodrama was awesome – both to watch and to experience. I’ve got a lot to process.”

Sue Plumtree – The Life Enhancing Coach – July 2014

“I expected that the day would throw up a lot of emotions and potentially some personal challenges. However this would all be juicy exciting and enhance my awareness of self and others. I feel the day exceeded all of my expectations. The group were wonderfully supportive of each other helping me to feel safe enough to express my issues. Everyone’s story touched me in some way. Jenny is an amazing facilitator and I felt instantly at ease and trusting of her. To others I would say, ‘Wow! What a ride! Can’t wait to do it again’. ”

Saralea Stewart – Person Centred Counsellor – July 2014

“I came with an open mind not knowing what to expect. I found it deeply moving and uplifting to share with and support others. I found clarity around some of my own fears even though I didn’t have an intervention for myself. I felt I was with friends and among kindred spirits”

Beverley Challis – Fellow Journeyer – July 2014

Bev continued a few days later with this post to our private forum on Facebook. She gave me full permission to share it with you: 

“What did I learn? A lot – so it’s taken a while to process. My feelings are my friends; be they negative or positive. In order to hear their message, I need to embrace them. What I hadn’t realised is that they are dual faced so on the other side of hopelessness is hopeful; on the other side of anger is peace; on the other side of sadness is joy and so on. By turning towards them, and paying attention to them, I can turn my life around. The best thing about Clear the Fear is being in a safe environment where my authentic self felt comfortable to come out and ‘play’. She has been hiding for a long time because my protective self thought she wasn’t good enough. Not only is she more than good enough, she is an intelligent, warmhearted human being and I really like her. Furthermore, she’s ready to be present in her life even more now which is a relief because I am exhausted from keeping up the facade! If you think I worked this out for myself, you are wrong. I needed you all to be there too so THANK YOU. ” 9th July 2014

Beverley Challis

“I was anticipating having an experience of being able to face my life, change my perspective and leave with a forward looking and creative mindset. I enjoyed active role plays within which I played different characters. I found the psychodrama with me at the centre to be emotionally challenging and physically draining, yet worthwhile. I felt I was able to address my own life through the drama and I enjoyed helping other people in theirs through representing various parts of their dramas”

Grant Sams – Solicitor – July 2014

“I anticipated delving deep, facing fears, and some answers.  I experienced a privileged sharing of my troubles and others too: enlightenment, and awareness that I can change my story. I would describe it as a safe place to learn, grow, be vulnerable and change perspective.  Constellations are incredibly powerful: I want to get everyone I know on one.  The food sharing added to the sense of community too. A lovely way of sharing, supporting and being supported.”

Helen Boshier – Fellow Journeyer and Creative Thinker – July 2014

“I was expecting various therapeutic and drama exercises. What I got was very insightful. It opened and cleared many inner blocks I had been working to resolve for many years. Finally made great progress. Fab! Very helpful. It was very worthwhile.”

James Burgess – On a journey of Personal Development – May 2014

“I was expecting sadness and trauma! But it was relaxed safe, easy, comfortable and supportive. Did I get value for money? Oh yes!”

Jane Iskander – Occupational Therapist – May 2014

“I was expecting a learning journey of self discovery and of self development. It was fantastic, moving, changing. To those yet to come and be part of it? Embrace the change and movement that will occur and enjoy the journey.”

Laura Hollier – Integrative Counsellor – May 2014

“I had no idea what to expect. It was challenging, eye opening, empathetic, emotional and ultimately hugely satisfying.”

Di Rafter – Entrepreneur – May 2014

“Jenny’s Clear the Fear Technique proved a hit with my students who found it both a useful means of clearing their own methods of self-sabotage and a strategy which could be used with clients. I will be booking into a sesions iwth Jenny as soon as possible. Jenny is a gifted therapist and any therapist in need of a mentor would do well to consider working with her.”

Paul Hughes, Hypno-Psychotherapist, Teacher and Trainer. Oxford. March 2014

“Thank you for sharing with us your work today, inspiring indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Acting out various parts of the main protagonist’s emotions and desires evoked for me the concept of the Wounded Healer. Being an active part of the healing realisation brought forth my own emotinal journey. In fact, it urged me to reflect on what I wanted to do with my own healing and state of being at that present time.  Further to this, observing the interaction between the others involved in the group gave room for a lot of self learning. In short a truly powerful experience which I will remember with great respect and the desire to want to learn more. I hope we get to meet again.”

Nat Clegg, Coach and Therapist. Oxford. March 2014. 

“I left feeling that my father had lessened his influence on me by taking a step back. My clarity and empowerment were focal. What I experienced on the course was the opportunity to express myself in a deep and meaningful way to move my life forward”

Grant Sams, Solicitor. Bishops Stortford. April 2014

“Very interesting. I can see how well this works and gives the opportunity to expand on our perceptions of how we view ourselves and deal with our problems. Input from others to develop insight works well.”

Anne Preece, Homeopath. Great Dunmow. April 2014

“This, my third experience, has been rewarding and fulfilling. Jenny has an amazing way of engaging with us to make us feel completely at ease with one another. Her workshops always make me feel empowered and rejuvenated being able to relate to other’s dramas. Jenny thanking you for inspiring me and helping me to rewrite my script.”

Laura Bassingthwaighte. Drama Teacher. April 2014

“Lots of realisations about stuff. Felt like I went to a deeper level. Some clarity with regard to what is going on such as why I am still afraid to be me and people seeing that.”

Steve Monk. Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner. Southend. April 2014

“A very intense experience which allowed me to focus on my emotions of fear, anxiety, feelings of not being good enough, my heart and the ongoing emotional impact of my parents. My heart, I learnt, and which I had not appreciated before, is a part of me that I don’t pay enough attention to. A very useful and enlightening experience. Thank you Jenny.”

Janet Elliott. Hypnotherapist. Maidstone. April 2014

I experienced alot of emotion from stuff I felt I had already dealt with. It made me realise what some of my blocks may be and by taking part in some of the exercises and other people’s dramas, it made me see some things in myself that I need to work on. It also helped me to understand my feeling in more depth. I have to say everyone was lovely and I was made to feel very welcome. I really feel we worked through alot of stuff.

Louise D’arcy, Hypnotherapist. April 2014

“I anticipated working with others on the day to find the source of our fear and was a bit scared of how I would cope as I have felt quite vulnerable already recently. The experience was in fact very safe so I didn’t feel overwhelmed but was given the space in the experiences to understand more clearly how fear can actually be used positively and pointed me in the direction of being more authentic to myself. ”

Kim Walsh. Hypnotherapist. April 2014

“During my turn with the group my experience was something of a combination of an awakening of clarity and certainty of the emotions and feelings I had with them and how they affected my life and myself also, my experience taught me that something that you are passionate about can overcome fear doubt and even confusion. It was exciting to feel passion that day and I want to thank everyone who was involved in sharing that experience with me.

Christopher Suckling. Reiki Practitioner. April 2014


“Before the day started I felt fairly closed off and slightly apprehensive. As the day went on, I found that I had much more in common with the other participants. By joining in other people’s family psychodramas I experienced a lift and a shift in myself. I found myself becoming more relaxed and connected to other people and this made me very happy! You couldn’t put a price on the things that we learnt!”

Anna Aitchison

Dramatist – January 2014

“I was expecting it to be emotionally and mentally challenging. I had an open mind (and heart) and was willing to share. I was surprised by how a small group could work so powerfully, helping me get in touch with the emotions behind the issues that i have been intellectually aware of for some time, but never fully felt. And it happened so quickly too! I felt supported by everyone there, even though I was accessing painful material”

Gavin Roberts

Human Givens Therapist and Hypnotherapist –
January 2014

“I was anticipating finding clarity and self belief. It turned out, through the first exploration exercises that I have unresolved feelings of fear since I was 4 years old. The person who gave me this fear was my father. Through acting out the drama I got to face my 4 year old self and give her the reassurance and love to free her of the feeling. At the same time as confronting my father with my feelings, this brought out not just pain but also gratitude for his contribution. I hugged my ‘father’ for the first time in my life! I feel I can do this in real life and am feeling that I am now able to move on without needing anyone’s consent to live a life of abundance and happiness. This is a great digging exercise that brings up problems hidden for over 40 years and helps you deal with them!”

Amie Lee

Entrepreneur and Restaurateur – January 2014

” I did not expect to be working through my own ‘stuff’. I had the experience of really focussing on how I was connecting to my inner child. That I was neglecting her again and not embracing her for her to trust me. Others have suggested that Psychodrama is not person centred…I disagree. This works to really focus you.”

Serenity Eagle

Trainee Counsellor – July 2013


Great feedback, hun! You brave heart, you! See you again soon.

“I did not expect the closeness and creation of such a safe space in which to be able to just be – and so supportive.  I felt honoured to share in others enlightenment and grateful that I had the space and support to look into my anxiety and lack of anger. I have experienced empty chair in therapy which I could not engage with and today I was able to engage in the drama.  This is an amazing opportunity that I am very grateful for, local and affordable.”

Steph Tanner

Counsellor – July 2013


And you seemed so anxious at first! So glad you got into it and surrendered to the process. A privilege to work with you.

“I was surprised to find out how much guilt I felt about wanting the changes that I do. I was left with a feeling of warmth and friendship. I felt that Jenny facilitated the group’s activities with a sure hand.”

Celia Bird

Hypnotherapist – July 2013


Lovely to work with you again after a few years break. Glad you had some insight into the right to be you! – Can’t be anyone else, after all.

“This was an opportunity to connect with others without the need for content, to understand and read body language without the worry of offending anyone, to be honest and respectful to others through an enlightening experience!  This has helped improve my understanding of drama therapy to use within my own practice.”

Laura Bassingthwaighte

Drama Teacher – July 2013


You’ve come so far since last time, Laura! It’s so lovely to see the changes. Congratulations.

“I was anticipating working hard at unblocking myself with other like minded people. I had a wonderful growing experience and a renewed appetite for growth.”

Patrick Crowley

Counselling Psychologist – July 2013


How warm you were Patrick and how brave to take the lead at first. It was a pleasure to work with you for the day.

“I anticipated connecting with a part of myself that makes me feel more vulnerable. The experience was freeing, discovering, experiencing. I see I don’t always need a ‘shell’ or ‘armour’ to be of value for others. I found myself getting present to my strength”

Aldine Iqbal

Counsellor – July 2013


It felt like you were on to something, a new phase in your life or a new awakening. Such a privilege to be part of that journey. Thank you.

“I had all kinds of feelings and emotions while my third eye was open listening to everyone’s stories.”

Christopher Suckling

Amateur Dramatist and Cleaner! – July 2013


Chris you are an inspiration. For someone who never used to ‘do’ feelings very well, you’ve managed to discover that you do! Amazing.


I have been having counselling and was in-between therapists and then the offer of Psychodrama just came to me and I thought, why not.Thinking I was coming to see something and take part in an activity that I had only read about and letting Jenny know that some major shifts had already happened recently for me, both of us thought that maybe this time with the group would not bring anything to light.WOW!! Big insights for me. Taking the roof off of a pressure cooker to let me grow and I have grown so fast since. Many blocks have held me back, but physically smashing it and telling it go has worked so well. Other insights are too personal to print.I am dyslexic and find that visual and movement help when learning, I can now see that this is also helpful for me in therapy to work towards a greater authentic me.Thank You Jenny, I am so glad to have met you on this day xxSerenity EagleTrainee Counsellor – April 2013

Serenity is a blessing to work with.  I look forward to working with Serenity again on her personal and professional development. Go girl!

Jenny Lynn is inspirational. She has taken me on a journey of self discovery and by doing so my life has become much more grounded, I have shifted my issues through her amazing work as a cognitive therapist and drama therapist. Jenny helps people face the root if their issue through many different techniques, looking from the inside out.Drama therapy changed the way in which I view my relationships with others but more importantly the relationship with myself.Thank you Jenny for all your support and guidance xxxLaura B – April 2013

You’re welcome Laura! Laura has used everything that I have offered to make her life work so much better for her. Congratulations!